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Biggest Mistake After The HCG Diet

By Dr. Danelle Romney

The hCG diet does not offer a long-term guarantee to stay slim. Indeed, you will completely undermine any successful weight loss by making one common mistake. It is the worst thing you can do.

And the worst mistake is: Consuming Wheat Products

That's right. If you eat wheat or foods containing wheat products, you slam your body with a dietary whammy that you must avoid. It comes from the so-called complex carbs in wheat that dietitians everywhere seem to love. Keep in mind that, in this case, "complex" just means that wheat starch is comprised of lots of glucose molecules linked together in a chain.

Conventional dietary wisdom advises us to increase our intake of complex carbohydrates such as wheat starch and to reduce our intake of table sugar (sucrose) or other such simple carbohydrates. (A molecule of sucrose contains only two simple sugars - one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose).

The problem with wheat starch derives from how fast it can be digested. The glucose molecules are arranged in a specific type of complex that is referred to as amylopectin A, which is easier to breakdown in your digestive tract than any other type of complex carbohydrate. The net effect is that glucose from amylopectin A spikes in your bloodstream sooner that it does from any other source of starch foods such as potatoes, bananas, or beans.

Indeed, even whole wheat bread boosts your blood sugar (glucose) faster than does sucrose itself. When you have a sandwich made with whole wheat bread, it is no different (and usually worse) than drinking eating a sugary candy bar or drinking a sugary soda.

You certainly already know about the negative impact of sugary foods for adding unwanted pounds of fat to your body once you finish the hCG diet protocol. Now add wheat and wheat-based products to the list, because they cause exactly the same unwanted weight gain. Indeed, these kinds of foods are probably responsible for getting you into the situation where you wanted to do the hCG diet in the first place. Stay on track with your target weight now by avoiding all wheat products, regardless of whether they are refined or whole-grain. This includes such foods as breads, breakfast cereals, bagels, pastas, pastries, cookies, crackers, and anything else you find that contains wheat flour or wheat grains.

Let me point out what happens when you start the day with a wheat-based breakfast of toast, cereal, or bagel. Right away you blood sugar spikes up, followed by a rush of insulin. About two hours after breakfast, this pattern leads to a growing hunger. In fact, the demand to satisfy this hunger, usually with even more wheat-based junk from snack foods, starts a hunger roller coaster that goes on all day. The pattern cycles every two hours - eating, hunger, eating, hunger, etc. This is an awful way to keep your weight down after the hCG diet.

Repeating the cycles of high blood sugar at every meal and from between meal snacks, due to consuming wheat-based foods, is the main cause of increased storage of body fat. Eating wheat, therefore, is the worst mistake that you can make once you finish the hCG diet.

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