Get Everything You Ever Wanted : How Master Cleanse Weight Loss Can Transform Your Body In Just 10 Days


How Master Cleanse Weight Loss Can Transform Your Body In Just 10 Days

By Debbie J. Sherwood

If you are a meat and potatoes kind of person chances are possible choices you haven't giving much thought to eating healthier things such as beansprouts, or tofu, but what about the Master Cleanse? You recognize, usually the one where you drink lemonade for 10 days? Don't laugh, detoxifying your body is often a serious issue. I understand you probably grow up in one of those household where Dad sat at the of the table and past around the macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes loaded with butter, and chicken fried steak. YUM! Mom never disappointed if this came to meal time right?

Now, fast forward 20 some years later and you're starting to think Mom might have done you more harm than good. It's not her fault. She only did what she knew to do. As well as your grandmother probably did the same to your mom. Have you ever really thought about where you got your eating routine from? Did they originate from the way your parents provided you? Possibly so. Do your eating patterns come from a need to self medicate? In other words, do you participate in emotional eating? Possibly more importantly, is the way you eat truly healthy for you? You may not be 100% sold on changing your lifestyle and becoming a Vegan, but there are certain things that you can do if your health is starting to be even more of a concern. Ever consider giving your whole body a period of rest from it's normal routine?

Yes! A period of rest for your body. You've taken vacations before right? Remember how good it felt to unwind by the pool, play golf, or ride the roller coaster with your children? It truly didn't matter what you did, so long as you didn't have to worry about work, bills, or the problems back at home. If nothing else your mind got a break from the stresses of life. Your body could use it's own style of vacation as well. That vacation could possibly be in the form of a cleanse. By eliminating the foods you usually eat and flushing your digestive system free of waste build-up, you could potentially rid your body of those aches and pains that you've been chalking up to getting older. Exercising and counting calories is good, but doesn't it make sense to begin with a clean record?

One cleanse program that has become quite popular over the past several years for its ability to promote quick weight loss is the Master Cleanse. But the Master Cleanse, which has been invented by Stanley Burroughs in the 40's isn't a weight loss diet. It's a detoxification cleanse of the system. By drinking a lemonade solution for 10 days or more, the body is cleansed of toxins created by a improper diet. There are many good things about the lemonade cleanse, including, but not limited to: normalized metabolism, reduced internal inflammation, increased levels of energy and much more.

Perhaps you can use the Master Cleanse as a type of Spring Cleaning for your health after the abuses you put it through over the holidays. I understand, altering your eating habits is much easier said than done. I was a vegetarian for six years, so I understand how tough it can be. Cleansing your system maybe once or twice a year can be quite a great first step towards being more health-conscious.

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