Get Everything You Ever Wanted : Why Celeb Diets Plans Never Work For Normal People


Why Celeb Diets Plans Never Work For Normal People

By Russ Howe Pti

There are so many celeb diets around these days it is hard to get some straight answers. Can you honestly get good weight loss results following on of these? Why do they never seem to work? Today we explain these myths in more depth for you.

Be honest, we all know at least one friend who constantly gets sucked in by the latest routine printed in this month's chat magazine. It's hard not to, what with the instant results they claim and the fact that they have attached a famous person's photograph to conjure up images of how you will look next month if you follow their routine, right?

It's common that folks will become addicted to the search for the 'miracle pill' which will allow them to get instant, zero effort results. That's where these guys make their money at your expense, or rather the fact that you may be a tad naive. There are simple common attributes these routines always feature:

* People experience some weight loss for the first one or two weeks before hitting a wall, unable to shift another lb no matter how hard they work at it.

* Feeling and looking ill, rather than well, despite losing weight.

* Weight is quick to go straight back on when you finish your plan and return to eating regular food again.

Today we will show you the reasons why these things happen.

As well as forcing you to ditch your favorite junk foods you'll often be asked to live on very basic, unappealing meals which drive you to the edge of your sanity. Couple this with the huge mistake of forcing you to drop your calories too far each day and it's a recipe for disaster.

This causes your body to enter starvation mode, where is literally stores as much fat as it can to preserve energy because it doesn't know when it's getting it's next meal.

This is why it becomes almost impossible to lose any more weight despite working harder and eating barely enough to survive...

Secondly, these plans are often focused around quick fix goals which lead followers to pile the excess poundage back on the moment they go back to eating foods they haven't handled since they began the routine.

The truth is when you diet you should not feel bad, you should not feel punished and you should not feel unwell. This is why they don't work and offer nothing more than a passing dream of a miracle pill which, sadly, does not exist despite the massive amounts of salesmen and magazines prepared to take your money if you are prepared to fall for it one more time.

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