Get Everything You Ever Wanted : Reading HCG Diet Drops Reviews Is A Wise Activity


Reading HCG Diet Drops Reviews Is A Wise Activity

By Jessica Kreuk

HCG stands for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is manufactured in the bodies of pregnant women in very high amounts. Its purpose is to take over her metabolic function completely until the birth of the baby. However, when this substance is used by men or by women who are not pregnant, as described in numerous HCG diet drops reviews, it has an identical effect on their metabolism, which substantially enhances weight loss.

This is why the HCG program is a popular favorite with numerous dieters who are battling to shed excess fat. When consumed, the hormone makes it possible for dieters to restrict their caloric intake severely without being subjected to the normal side effects associated with low calorie programs. The plan is usually followed for 10 to 30 days, and dieters can anticipate losing up to 3 pounds a day if the program is followed correctly.

As with any weight loss program involving the use of dietary supplements or hormone-based remedies, there are certain risks and side effects associated with the aforementioned program. The administration method one chooses when taking the hormone supplement influences the number of side effects he or she will experience. Injections or sublingual drops are the two delivery methods through which dieters can receive their daily dose of the supplement.

At one time, injections were the only avenue through which the hormones could be adequately absorbed by the human body. While some dieters still opt for this administration route, they should be aware of the potential side effects with which such injections are associated. These include rashes, leg cramps, headaches, fatigue, mood swings and stomachache.

The less complex, newer delivery method is for one to ingest the hormone sublingually. This option is both pain-free and reasonably priced. The HCG hormone is placed under the individual's tongue twice each day, thereby eliminating the need to use a needle. The dieter's mucous membranes effectively absorb the hormone and it is then distributed to his or her bloodstream in a quick and efficient manner.

Before it is placed on the market, the hormone supplement is distilled many times according to standard principles of pharmacology. This procedure ultimately results in a higher-quality supplement than that seen with injectable HCG. Additionally, most dieters regard it as a much more convenient option than the latter.

Those who opt for the sublingual administration method report very few side effects. In addition, research indicates that numerous consumers who switched from injections to drops had fewer hunger pains and more physical energy. This is why most dieters prefer this method over receiving daily injections.

Such drops are premixed and ready for instant use. However, is it essential to buy products of this type only from a reputable vendor. Some retailers sell little more than the hormone itself while others offer quality customer service along with a complete diet program. Whether shopping at a traditional store or online, it is in one's best interest to read HCG diet drops reviews about any program he or she is considering before a final choice is made.

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