Get Everything You Ever Wanted : Weight Loss and Superfoods


Weight Loss and Superfoods

By Denis Sakuma

Recently, we've been hearing a lot of buzz about superfoods. If you think this concept is new, you're wrong. Superfoods have been written about and discussed in underground nutrition publications for nearly 30 years.

Nuts are among the superfoods, but it's important that you be careful about the things you read about them because there are different varieties of nuts. You'll hear many people tell you one fact about nuts to dissuade you from eating them when you're trying to lose weight and that's how nuts are high in fats. What's fact is that there are nuts that have undesirable fats in them, but this isn't true for all nuts. The healthy nut varieties are high in good fats, fiber, and other healthy nutrients. When you add nuts to your weight loss diet, make sure you do so in sensible amounts. You'll want to eat about an ounce of nuts daily. Nuts will fill you up and are a healthy snack.

In other articles on superfoods, we have mentioned yogurt as an excellent weight loss superfood. Most people don't know that there is an older form of yogurt, one that traces its roots in Russia. This less popular yogurt is called Kefir and it's one of the healthiest forms of yogurt you can drink. If this is the first time you're hearing about Kefir, know that it's a yogurt that's not at all like the yogurt you're used to drinking. It's a yogurt drink and is not made to have the same consistency as regular Western yogurt. You'll get many of the nutrients you need from this yogurt liquid, including probiotics, minerals, and vitamins. Are you a veggie lover? You probably love broccoli. It's incredibly healthy but here's more good news: broccoli is a superfood that helps with weight loss. You can eat broccoli in a number of ways. You can even eat broccoli raw -- simply cut broccoli in bite-size pieces and eat them. If you do snack on raw broccoli, make sure you don't have fatty dips around. You can try non-fat yogurt as dip, though. Its high fiber content is what makes broccoli a superfood. In addition, broccoli is loaded with vitamins A, C, and K -- all known to support fat loss. In addition to superfoods, you can include meratol as part of your diet regime to slim down at a faster rate.

You should eat plenty of deeply colored leafy vegetables and berries. Eating these two different types of foods in as wide a variety as possible allows you to get a lot of nutrients. A variety of antioxidants, including carotenoids and phenols, are responsible for many of these colors. Antioxidants are not directly involved with weight loss, yet they are vital. The types of bacteria living in your gut are influenced by the antioxidants you eat. There are many products on the market designed to boost your metabolism but they're artificial. If your system is free of harmful bacteria that product toxic wastes, then this one thing will boost your metabolism like you won't believe.

If you are looking for a diet in which to incorporate superfoods so you can lose weight, consider the Paleo diet. The main premise of the Paleo diet makes it a good fit with superfoods. You can imagine that our ancient human ancestors ate natural foods and many were plants. You can take the same approach with plant superfoods and lose all the weight you want.

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