Get Everything You Ever Wanted : The Hot New Slenderizing Solution: Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract


The Hot New Slenderizing Solution: Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

By Cindy Davis

Pure green coffee bean extract is the concentrated form of the familiar coffee bean, but before that bean has been roasted. At first blush, that might sound like nothing more than another way to wake up in the morning. In fact, it is an increasingly popular alternative solution for those of us suffering from being overweight, and has shown promise in addressing diabetes as well.

The actual active agent in this alternative treatment is CGA, or more formally, Chlorogenic acid. Those who have decided to try this extract are advised to seek out brands in which the acid content at least approaches fifty percent. Typically, one is advised to take four hundred to eight hundred milligrams per day, in either one or two pills.

In clinical studies, test subjects who were administered the acid demonstrated a reduction of over fifteen percent of their body fat, as well as a loss of ten percent or more of their total body weight. It is noteworthy that these positive changes took place without the subjects engaging in any new diet or exercise schedule. Individual users often claim weight losses averaging a pound per day over a period of months.

One particularly well-respected, three-month study offers a window into CGA's usefulness. It demonstrated that the acid enhances the natural fat burning powers of the human body. It also improves its ability to regulate sugar levels as well. Furthermore, the study revealed that CGA gives the body a booster shot of antioxidants to help prevent disease.

One particularly noteworthy feature of this active ingredient, especially attractive to anyone knowledgeable about the problems involved with amphetamine use, is that CGA has no "speed" side effects. It offers weight loss without making one's pulse race. Nor do users suffer mood swings, perspiration, heart palpitation, or the jitters. The acid has the specific physiological effect of interrupting the human liver's secretion of glucose energy. That seemingly minor alteration boost's our body's natural fat burning power.

The ability of the active acid has to regulate sugar levels is promising news in the war against diabetes. Further, CGA has been seen to drop blood pressure and lower "bad" cholesterol levels. It is little surprise, therefore, that this extract has become familiar not only to those suffering diabetes, but also to sufferers of obesity and its related ailments, such as cardiovascular disease.

Savvy health shoppers should keep in mind that the results being given are results for the active ingredient. Little should be inferred from these results about any one of the innumerable herbal or pharmaceutical compounds currently on the market. Many of these supplements contain additives such as grapefruit extract, apple cider vinegar, acai berry, or kelp. They are also potentially the source of side effects not typical of the active acid in green coffee bean extract.

Again, as with George Washington Carver and the peanut, we are in a position to benefit from scientists taking a second look at a familiar agricultural product. Something that has been helping modern man and woman get the day started for centuries has now yielded a way to help keep them healthy and slim. Given all this, it is no surprise that pure green coffee bean extract has become one of the most promising alternative solutions in the market.

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