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The Latest Fitbit Workout Tracker - Fitbit One

By Adrien Garchia

There are now a couple of new models in the FItbit lineup of exercise trackers. The Fitbit One is the latest device added to the range and it the replacement for the previous model known as The Ultra. Compared to the Ultra, the Fitbit One is now generally smaller, decreased in thickness and overall appears sleeker. Being such a slimline device makes it more comfortable to wear. Another sound improvement is the increased brightness of the screen. It is now so much easier to read. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity is also available, which automatically syncs data to your phone. This is a simple and easy system.

The Fitbit One also has an altimeter which is in built. This will record any alterations in elevation. This is especially important if you exercise over hilly routes or if you use stairs during your day. This feature will provide a much more accurate assessment of the calories you have used. The other great feature of the Fitbit One is that it can also track your sleep. It has been designed so that you can wear the device on your wrist at night. This will monitor the quality of your sleep and record the amount of time you have slept. The Fitbit One also incorporates a silent, vibrating alarm which you can set. This will wake you up without disturbing your partner.

The new entry level activity tracker is called the Fitbit Zip. It has the general features of the Fitbit One. It does not have an altimeter, so there is no measure of changes in elevation. There is no ability to track sleep at all and there is no built in alarm. For many people these features are not essential, but if you want the fully specced device I would spend the extra money and get the top of the range Fitbit One. The Fitbit Zip comes in a range of 5 bright and fun colours.

Both of these new Fitbit activity trackers are small and very comfortable to wear. Because they are lightweight and small, you will forget that you are wearing them. They can be carried in a pocket or simply clipped onto the waistband of pants, shorts or skirts. They can be clipped onto a bra or sportstop when exercising without any hindrance. You can hide the devices away, but because of their fun look, many people will leave them exposed. They may become a positive topic of conversation with friends.

Now the information obtained through using the Fitbit trackers is the main point for those people who wish to track their level of activity. These are brilliant devices for people trying to lose weight. Even people not on an exercise program will be able to check their level of incidental exercise. The devices accumulate information such as the number of steps taken, the distance covered and calculates the calories you have burnt. The Fitbit One also records elevation changes through it`s built in altimeter.The Fitbit One is also a sleep tracker. The data is displayed as well as the current time of day. It is easy to check the data which has been collected. Just tap the screen to scroll your way through the data fields.

The Fitbit devices make good use of current technology. An excellent and useful feature of the fitbit devices is how they can automatically sync to your iphone, ipod, ipad3 or Android phone through a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. You can use the free mobile app which is available and is easy to use. Another option is to use a simple USB dongle to sync to your computer. After the initial setup is organised you will be able to enter your own personal online dashboard. The dashboard displays plenty of useful information, such as your real time daily stats. On your dashboard you will also see your daily and cumulative levels of activity. The dashboard is simple to navigate and contains many helpful tools such as charts and graphs. You have scope to customize this area. By gathering your data and then letting you review the various aspects of your recordings the information can be used to motivate you towards your goal. You will get a real understanding of your activity and see how you are progressing.

There are now many fitness apps available now for Apple devices through the App store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store. The great thing is the data you accumulate through your Fitbit device can then be exported and used in any other of your apps you use. The data can be exported and incorporated into many of the popular fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, Lose It and MapMyFitness. Some data collected in these other apps can be imported straight to your Fitbit dashboard. There is an apps gallery on the fitbit site outlining availability. You can obtain and collate data from various sources, adding to the accuracy and fun.

One feature I really like is how the Fitbit technology allows several people to have the ability to share information with each other. You can compete and challenge other people using the Fitbit ecosystem. Between your friends you can share stats and check how much progress you are making relative to your friends. You can set up a table or leaderboard for a group of friends and follow how everyone is progressing. This creates some friendly rivalry as well as allowing you to urge everyone on. You can set up notifications to be sent to your phone, such as when you have been passed by one of your friends. You can have fun and send messages to others in your group. It is these social aspects of the Fitbit system I find especially positive and beneficial in helping friends meet their goals.

The Fitbit system also provides some useful online tools to help with your diet. This is really beneficial for those people striving to lose weight. After the mobile app has been downloaded, you can keep a log of your meals, how much water you have consumed, record any workouts done and track your weight. After you have set your goal weight, you can use the combined data collected to assess your progress, all whilst taking into account how many calories you have used.

IF you are looking at buying a workout tracker the Fitbit One and FItbit Zip need some real consideration. They are fun, straight forward to use and include brilliant technology. Anyone trying to lose weight should check out these valuable devices to help them progress and achieve their goals.

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