Get Everything You Ever Wanted : The most advanced fast diet prescription is now on the market.


The most advanced fast diet prescription is now on the market.

By Jon F Greene

The FDA has finally approved a weight loss drug called Qsymia for the first time after a long wait of 13 years. The efficacy of the new prescription weight loss pill Qsymia is considered to be controversial by the researchers especially when compared to the efficacy of prescription hcg diet plan that promotes rapid weight loss. Despite being difficult to pronounce, Qsymia is considered less effective in achieving weight loss according to the clinical evidence. They claim that prescription hcg diet is effective in causing profound weight loss as the people on prescription hcg diet rapidly lost weight by up to 1 pound per day, while those on Qsymia slowly lost weight at a rate of 1.9 pounds per month.

HCG diet has been practiced from past 50 years and is considered by various healthcare experts as a natural alternative to the newly introduced experimental weight loss drugs. HCG diet was originally brought into limelight in 1954 by the famous endocrinologist, Dr. A Simeons. He has proven that it is an effective solution for inducing rapid weight loss in a safe way in patients without giving any chance for experimentation as in case of guinea pigs.

HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is naturally synthesized by the placenta of the pregnant woman and it burns the fat reserve for energy rather than muscle. It is a vital component that feeds and modulates the development of the embryo. Moreover, the prescription HCG diet plan is FDA approved and can be used to treat infertility in women and boys presenting with delayed puberty. HCG is the most recommended diet plan that is well-known for its efficacy compared to prescription weight loss pills.

In contrast, Qsymia is a newly produced prescription weight loss pill that has been approved by the FDA to cause weight loss. Qsymia mainly consists of a mix of 2 different drugs: phentermine drug that was previously marketed as fen-phen weight loss pill and topiramate drug that is effective in preventing seizures in epileptic patients.

One should be advised to avoid self-medicating any prescription weight loss pill just because it is an FDA approved drug. Qysmia diet medication is known to cause serious side effects and it is a known fact that all side effects are patient-specific. Therefore, consumers should obtain prior advice from the physician and should take the pill only after thoroughly researching the important drug safety information from the Qsymia product website.

According to WebMD, one of the Qsymia ingredients, Topiramate is known to induce weight loss by causing stomach fullness, suppressing the appetite and by increasing the rate of calorie burning. However, one can't attain rapid or dramatic weight loss with Qysmia according to the statistics. A research study has demonstrated that the subjects lost weight from between 6.7 percent and 8.9 percent after taking the highest recommended dose of Qsymia for a period of 1 year along with placebo. In general, this averages to a total weight loss rate of around 1.9 pounds per month in a subject weighing 300 pounds and 1.1 pounds per month in case of a 170 pound woman.

Although, Qsymia does not contribute to profound weight loss, however the drug side effects like making the food appear less appealing or tasteless, and an anti-seizure drug to treat obesity are of major health concern. In contrary, Prescription hCG is a natural substitute produced by the human placenta which promotes fast weight loss and it causes no serious, unnatural side effects.

Additionally, prescription hcg diet is less likely to cause serious complications and a right plan can be followed to achieve one's weight loss goal within a shorter time frame. To contrast between hcg and Qsymia, the hcg diet plan helps to overcome obesity whereas the Qsymia prescription diet pill contains an anti-seizure drug that works best for treating epilepsy.

In conclusion, prescription hcg plan is the most effective weight loss plan if you are willing to shed large pounds of weight in a safe and healthy manner. Moreover, HCG plan helps to lose around 1 pound of weight within 24 hours, whereas the Qsymia prescription pill helps to lose just 1.1 pound in 30 days duration.

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