Get Everything You Ever Wanted : Tips On How To Get Ripped Fast


Tips On How To Get Ripped Fast

By Tonia Michael

Having that sexy, visible abs is every man's dream. There is no way of getting them over night, but it can still be done in reasonable time when you are dedicated to your goal. If you would like to find out how to get ripped fast, here are some essential things you need to know.

To have those great looking abs, you need to lower the body fat level under 7 percent. This level is usually much higher, maybe even 15 percent. Thick skin that is covering and masking the abdominal muscles consists mainly water and fat. You will have to lose some weight if you want to get rid of it, and it will require plenty of work and some discipline.

It cannot be achieved without appropriate nutrition. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be properly combined. Some people have excess weight problems, and for them the right combination could be low fat, low carbohydrates and higher proteins. Lower carbohydrates will result in losing muscle mass, but you need to be prepared to it.

Moderate or high carbohydrate diets are more appropriate for body builders. Low fat intake will reduce the fat, while muscles can still be saved. You need to take enough proteins to be able to save your muscles, but keep in mind you really need to have very challenging trainings as well. You have to be aware of the fact you will be very lean if you want to have those visible abs.

All your workouts are good for it, you just have to make them more intensive. Strength trainings are the best for this, for example power lifting and circuit workouts. Make sure to take enough proteins. The goal is to lose fat around the waist, not to lose existing muscles.

You have to include different cardiovascular activities in your routine, because they are extremely effective for this particular purpose. Strength trainings and cardiovascular activities combined are the winning formula in this case. Just make sure your training is more intense.

In any case, there are some tips that might help you speed up the process. You should take only 1500 to 2000 calories, without exceptions. Remove all junk food from your diet, including sugar and sweets. Be very careful with salt. Salt is responsible for water retention, and you will soon see the results if you reduce the amount of salt in your diet. Drink enough water, preferably cold, and take nutritional supplements as well.

Fat loss workouts like running, fast walking, stepping or biking should also be included. Make occasional visits to sauna. Sweating is a great method for losing excess water and salt from your body. Be prepared to work very hard, because it is the only way to get your desired results fast.

Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. They have higher nutritional value, but you will still need vitamin and mineral supplements. Fibers are essential for cleansing the intestinal tract, and they will also help getting rid of excess fluid. Avoid sugar. When you know how to get ripped fast, the rest is up to you.

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