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23 Common Characteristics of Successful People

I have dedicated the last few years of my life to study some of the most successful entrepreneurs in history to gain an understanding of what it is that makes them different from ordinary people. Discovering how they have ability to easily create wealth and financial freedom, whilst so many others struggle.
Through research I have found many of these entrepreneurs implement their own unique traits within business.However, there are also a number of common characteristics that are shared by every successful entrepreneur.

I was surprised to discover these common traits due to realising there is nothing they possess that is beyond the reach of anyone who is prepared to learn, develop and put new skills into practice.

5 Common Misguided Beliefs about Successful People

There are some misguided beliefs and superstitions about successful people that I would like you to think about....
Successful people are Lucky- I will reveal why luck has absolutely nothing to do with becoming successful.
They are well educated - Of course there are many entrepreneurs who are very well educated but it is not the reason for their success.

Successful people are chosen OR there is a divine force behind their success- This is not true and in this report you will discover why and how anyone including yourself can experience the same success.

Success is Genetic- Having successful parents can make a difference, however, not for the reasons you may think. Success is not genetic or inherited; if your parents are successful this doesn't necessarily mean you will be too. In the same way there are many successful people whose parents were broke.

Successful people are bad, they must have done something illegal or unethical to become rich, they trick people into giving them money- People who do business like this very rarely sustain long term success.

They are Greedy- This is quite the contrary; successful people are actually very giving, that's why they are so successful.

They were given a huge amount of money to get started with - Many entrepreneurs start from nothing, some may even have debt.

If you have ever met someone who is successful, you may have noticed that there is nothing extraordinary about that person. For some unknown reason everything seems to just go right for them, opportunities seem to frequently arise and success seems effortless.

The reality is all human beings are genetically engineered for success, but there is a fundamental flaw most people develop. It is for that reason why the majority of the world's population will never experience success.

What is this flaw?

Well the truth, it is all in our minds - the only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the way in which they think.

Ordinary people still have the same desires as entrepreneurs, but cannot find a way to control the way they think. Consequently, their thinking takes control of them and their desires are overshadowed.

The beliefs we have are a direct result of our environment. We are influenced by the people in our lives. As we listen and learn from those around us we naturally start to acquire the same beliefs as them, hence our behaviours mirroring them too. Ordinary people tend to put themselves down and lack confidence in their own ability. Due to messages being reinforced throughout their childhood that train them to doubt, have fear, feel anxiety, and accept limitations, thus influencing their self belief
So, if we have been taught to believe that there are limits to what we are able to achieve, then we become blind to opportunities.

We do not notice this behaviour as its all sub-conscious; we go through a conditioning process as we get older and are influenced by different people and situations in our lives and start to develop habits. These habits become quite strong within us, but they do not determine who we are. We can very easily learn how to break these patterns and install new beliefs.

Successful people have a profoundly different approach to life. Their attitude is created from a framework of powerful beliefs and empowering thoughts. It's these powerful beliefs that make wealthy people different.

So what is it that makes successful entrepreneurs so successful? In this report I will be revealing 23 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and how you can model their behaviour to rapidly improve your business and create your own success story.

23 Common Characteristic's of an Entrepreneur

#1 - Entrepreneur's take responsible for their own destiny

Successful people do not blame other people or their circumstance for their current situation. They believe it is their responsibility to achieve what they desire. They do not wait for it to fall into their lap or rely on other people to make it happen for them. A lot of people sit and wait for their fortune to find them, hoping that they will win the lottery or a long lost relative will leave them a massive inheritance. Sadly the odds of this happening are very low.

#2 - Entrepreneur's conquer their fears

Facing your fear is a very important step on the path to success. Fear is the most common reason why people do not take the required action they need to take to achieve their goals. Don't let fear hold you back.

#3 - Entrepreneur's overcome any obstacles

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals"- Sydney Smith
Having an obstacle is the same as having a problem that needs a solution. A successful person will see this as a challenge and look to find a solution to the problem in order to overcome the obstacle. Unsuccessful people will use the obstacle as an excuse as to why they haven't achieved anything.

#4 - Entrepreneur's know that there is unlimited opportunity

Unsuccessful people seem to complain about lack... lack of money and lack of opportunities. Successful people know that there is an abundance of money out there, and opportunities are constantly moving towards them. Unless we have the right state of mind we just ignore them because we can't see how they relate to us.

#5 - Entrepreneur's go against conventional wisdom

Successful people do not live by conventional wisdom; they know that if they follow the same system as the average person, they will produce the same results as the average person. If you go against the masses and follow the minority of people who are successful, you will achieve successful results.

#6 - Entrepreneur's understand how to leverage

Leverage is a very important concept that all successful entrepreneurs understand. What it actually means is that you can an create an income without trading your time for money, leveraging the skills of other people or technology to work for you so it frees up your time to create multiple streams of income.

#7 - Entrepreneur's do NOT need the approval of others to succeed

If you are always looking for others' approval in what you're doing then you will not get very far, and you will certainly not be self-empowered. Successful people follow their instincts EVEN when others are sceptical or do not agree with what they are doing.

#8 - Entrepreneur's are not scared of failure

Successful entrepreneurs do not fear failure because they know there is nothing wrong with failing. Most successful people fail their way to success, and this is because they learn from their mistakes and try again until they succeed. You can only fail if you give up.

#9 - Entrepreneur's do not fear Criticism

Criticism is not to be feared. Entrepreneurs use criticism that is of value, as feedback, to help them improve. If the criticism is not deserved, or is just someone trying to push their own limited belief onto them, then they will not value it, this way it cannot alter their confidence and motivation.

#10 - Entrepreneur's seek to find solutions

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want". - Zig Ziglar.
Entrepreneursare problem solvers. Whilst people complain about their problems, successful people seek to find solutions that will help them or can help others. When this is applied to business it is very powerful.

#11 - Entrepreneur's understand the concept of modelling

Entrepreneurs look to other people who have attained similar success that they desire. They then study these people until they discover how they achieved their success, so they are able to replicate what they do to achieve parallel results.

#12 - Entrepreneur's develop highly effective habits

By starting to believe you will become successful, you will develop behaviours that are alike to that of a successful person. Entrepreneurs are consistent in their behaviour and know that by consistently thinking and acting in a certain way they can develop useful habits. Therefore re conditioning their mind so that they act a certain way unconsciously - without even having to think about it.

#13 - Entrepreneur's take action

Entrepreneurs do not need permission to take action. Once you start to move towards an objective, the whole world will react to your movement, opening up new opportunities. If you don't ever start, nothing will ever happen, as everything around you will stay the same and that will suppress opportunity.

#14 - Entrepreneur's have an ability to focus

Another great commonality that entrepreneurs share is focus. Many successful people have the ability to block out everything else and focus on their goal. Some people call it tunnel vision or putting the blinkers on. If you want to achieve a certain goal you must not get distracted and lose focus on implementing your strategy, you need consistent action in order to progress.

#15 - Entrepreneur's have vision

If you visualize something enough it will soon become a belief, and having a strong sense of belief in something is the most powerful way of making a vision become a reality. This is because you start to notice every opportunity that is presented to you, this enables you to take action on it, to ensure your vision becomes your reality.

#16 - Entrepreneur's set goals

Entrepreneurs know the importance of goal setting. Something as simple as writing down your objective will dramatically improve your chance of achieving it. Have a defined goal, you need to be clear and specific on what you are going to achieve before you start working towards them. It's no good saying "I want to be rich", instead: write down exactly how much you want to earn per year, and then formulate a step by step plan that will enable you to achieve it.

#17 - Entrepreneur's are persistent

Persistence, Persistence, Persistence! This is a common attribute of an entrepreneur. Depending on whose history books you read... Thomas Edison had over 10,000 attempts at creating the working light bulb? Meaning he knew over 10,000 ways not to invent a light bulb before he found just one way. He is now revered by many as the greatest inventor of all time. Edison is a classic example of someone who 'failed' his way to success, many entrepreneurs are successful because they have persistence.

#18 - Entrepreneur's never stop learning

It is universally recognised by successful people that continually learning is a massive attribute to their success. Taking time and spending money on your own learning and personal development is the most valuable investment you can make, as it can never be taken away from you, you will always have it.
#19 - Entrepreneur's do not sell

Successful people do not have a problem with selling; this is because they look at selling very differently to everyone else. They see it as providing a solution to someone to help them solve a problem. People do not buy products or services; they buy solutions from people they trust, you don't need to sell anything- If you find a market that needs a solution and can gain their trust, they will buy the solutions you provide.

#20 - Entrepreneur's plan for success

Entrepreneurs plan for success, everything they do has a purpose of helping them progress towards their goals. They are specific about what they want to achieve and create a strategy that will enable them to get there. Sometimes they take action without a plan, and compile a strategy along the way, but every step is calculated and thought out.

#21 - Entrepreneur's Spend money on assets rather than liabilities

Entrepreneurs are investors; they invest their time and money in things that will help them achieve success. It does not mean to say they do not indulge in things that will cost money that they will not get back, like cars, holidays and TV'S. But a large proportion of the money they spend is invested into things that will help them earn more money.

#22- Entrepreneur's Do not have boundaries

Boundaries do not apply to entrepreneurs; they know that the only limits that exist are in their own minds. Napoleon Hill once said; "whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve". Too many people limit themselves to what they believe they can achieve. An entrepreneur knows that the world is full of infinite opportunity, and there is no such thing as impossible.

#23 - Entrepreneur's Surround themselves with successful people

The say that if you look at the five people you spend most of your time with; your level of wealth will probably be average of the five. Entrepreneurs surround themselves with like minded people, who they can learn from.

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