Get Everything You Ever Wanted : Are Weight Loss Exercises The Same For Women And Men?


Are Weight Loss Exercises The Same For Women And Men?

This is a fairly common question among women. Almost all weight loss products claim to work the same for both genres but science has proven that they are completely different. Fat burning exercises for women are meant to be customized due to the differences in terms of anatomy when compared to men.
One of the body's most efficient fat burners is the muscle cells themselves. The differences in anatomy dictate that women have less lean muscle than men and implicitly, a lower calorie burning potential. Since gym exercises are considered one of the most efficient ways to burn fat, customization of programs is required to achieve similar results to men.
The first misconception about weight is that diet can cure any problem. Existing calories will not get consumed by themselves. Since muscles are the greatest consumers, gym seems like the best solution for a weight problem. Additionally, fat burning exercises for women need a bit of customization. While men can lose weight without cardio, women will have to use this additional means of burning calories. This process starts with the overall improvement of muscle mass without increasing it. Women do not need to gain muscle mass as much as men but the health of the tissue determines the ability of the body to burn calories. This can be achieved by lifting lower weights that will not lead to micro muscle ruptures. Using less weight will only stimulate the activity of the tissue. Lifting heavy weights will increase the mass and this is an unwanted effect.
Muscle fever is to be expected. Even if fat burning exercises for women are meant to be mild, pain is inevitable. Knowing how to deal with it for the first few sessions is important. Once a routine is established, recovery should get easier. Pushing the exercises too much will cause more harm than damage. It is important for the body to still be able to perform exercises rather than skipping a day. For example, if in one day you work too much doing push ups and stepper exercises, you will not be able to do cardio the next day.
To make the most out of it, it is important to cycle trough exercises and never perform the same ones two days in a row. Forcing the same group of muscles each session leaves very little time for recovery. Alternation of exercises minimizes muscle damage and improves calorie burning while preventing excessive pain. Experts claim that "The best exercise is the one you're not doing". This statement points out how important knowledge really is. Advanced weight loss programs contain super sets that are not that common. Simple routines such as Mountain Climber with hands on Swiss ball can help a lot even if they are not that commonly seen in gyms. They can be done home as well but very few people know how effective they are.
Fat burning exercises for women are meant to be different. Men have more lean muscle and a higher calorie burning potential. Additionally, they can lift heavier weights without worrying that their abs gains too much muscle. These simple differentiate the exercises from genre to genre and knowledge plays an important part.
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