Get Everything You Ever Wanted : Women: Want to Look Younger and Add Years to Your Life?


Women: Want to Look Younger and Add Years to Your Life?

By Nicky Morris

Have you thought about how small changes to your lifestyle could have big changes to your life?

It's obvious to everyone, that lack of exercise, drinking too much, smoking and being over weight is going to create health problems. But, do we really consider what they actual affects of these will have in increases our chances of dying early.

A group of researchers from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health and Human Services, joined together to examine this question. They've been looking at the many factors which may possibly influence the life expectancy of older women, either by increasing or decreasing it.

The researchers said about the purpose of study that: "Our goal was to assess the relative strength and joint contributions of factors on the risk of death in postmenopausal women". They were specifically examining the factors that were affecting life expectancy, which could easily be adjusted by simple changes to diet or increasing exercise.

What's required for a long life?

It was a sizeable study, composed of nearly 18,000 women, with mean age of 68.

Looking at those factors that were considered high risk, and yet could be easily changed, the researchers highlighted: being overweight, with fat around the abdominal region, smoking, having high blood pressure and being unfit.

Ways to reduce these risk factors.

This study demonstrated fortunately, that just making some simple changes to your lifestyle can in fact pay big dividends to your overall health and wellbeing and also your life expectancy.


It's time to start exerting. All types of moderate exercise are going to benefit you. Even walking, which is perhaps the easiest and most gentle form of exercise, has been shown when done 30 mins per day to, lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression, retard the progression of diabetes and dementia, and also reduces arthritic pain. Walking also is a great way of losing weight, and this leads us the next points.

Drop a few dress sizes. The researchers noted in the study, that it's good to lose that 'tummy fat', as according to results of other studies, carrying fat around the waist is a key factor in increasing the risk of heart disease.

Keeping your blood pressure normal, a natural way to maintaing a healthy blood pressure is by exercising, paying attention to your diet, for example reducing the amount of fats, salt and sugar in your food, and by not smoking.

Time to stop smoking. If you're somebody that smokes, they consider stopping. It significantly reduces the chances of being affected by cancers and heart disease.

In considering these four factors, the researchers pointed out that smoking was perhaps the most damaging to your health, causing 25% of cancer deaths in women. The researchers said: "The strong association of smoking with mortality is a critical reminder that smoking is the most important modifiable risk factor that physicians and society should address, even in older women." (Arch Intern Med 2006;2469-77)

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